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Think People. Think Possibilities.


To support SFU students and broaden their knowledge of Human Resources by providing engaging opportunities to connect with industry professionals through networking events and skill enhancement workshops.


To bridge the gap between SFU students and HR professionals by providing the necessary skills, knowledge, and opportunities to succeed in the industry.


Our Core values

Diversity, Inclusivity, Family

HRSA values and understands the need to be a diverse and inclusive organization where everyone of all backgrounds are welcome to join and participate in our events and programs. Different perspectives are invited to establish an environment where all voices are heard. As a result, we treasure the sense of family, both internally and externally, which means everyone is welcome to stay engaged and involved.

Innovation, Learning, Growth

HRSA strives to constantly create innovative events and programs for the SFU community to advance our mission and vision. Such innovations are fostered by promoting an organizational-wide environment of constant learning and growth. As HRSA's ideas come to life through the development of our members, we invest heavily in their continued growth.

Collaboration, Connection, Engagement

HRSA is a people-oriented organization where we believe in constant collaboration with each other to create, manage, and execute new ideas. The collaboration feeds into a culture of being connected with one another. HRSA prides itself on having a strong engaging culture where all members across the organization and beyond are constantly encouraged to stay connected and engage in activities together.

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