HR Secrets

Introducing HR Secrets, HRSA’s new podcast series! Learn more about the HR industry and its secrets from industry professionals.

Our first speaker, Howie Outerbride, is a Managing Director at LoganHR. 

Howie's background includes over 20 years of experience in learning, career exploration, and the development of people in a variety of settings including private industry, community based career centres and post-secondary institutions.


Our second speaker, Emily Cornett-Ching, is a Senior HR + Talent Specialist from Envol Strategies.

Employer branding is essential for a company’s reputation as it draws job seekers, employees, and key stakeholders to increase recruitment levels.

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Our third speaker, Serge Mather, a recruitment professional.


Through Serge's experience in various industries, as well as obtaining an undergraduate degree majoring in HR and Communications, he has grown a passion for mentoring students in their career and seeing their progress. 


Our fourth speaker is
Mark Jefferson, the Director of People and Organization Development at Translink.


Passionate about the development of team, learning and employees, Jefferson believes that businesses and organizations require employees' commitment, enthusiasm, and collaboration to optimize their working cultures and strategic goals.  

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Our fifth speaker is
Candice Choi, a Talent Acquisition Lead from Technical Safety BC.

 Candice has more than 15 years of experience. Tune in to learn more about talent acquisition from the perspective of an industry professional as she shares her experiences and insight!


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