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VP OF Corporate relations

Create and maintain relationships with external organizations in the pursuit of monetary and in-kind sponsorships. Provide opportunities for stakeholders to collaborate and get involved with HRSA. The VP of Corporate Relations will co-run the department with the VP of External Relations.

VP OF Finance & operations

Responsible for ensuring the financial stability of the organization by preparing accurate budgets and financial statements along with the communication of these documents to internal and external stakeholders. Update financial records and follow all processes, policies, and guidelines.



VP of Marketing will be provided with the creative freedom to determine how best to advance HRSA’s brand and culture. Professional, creative, and articulate, the VP of Marketing ensures all branding and marketing are consistent, engaging, and constantly being promoted across various platforms and mediums. 


Ensures that a strong and positive culture is maintained both internally and externally by engaging students through social events and outreach. The VP of Internal Relations is responsible for organizational recruitment, onboarding, and member events.

VP of Events

Oversee, manage, and lead the Organizing Committee for HRSA’s pillar event, Spring Soirée x Envision by serving as the committee’s Chair. The VP of Events will build and improve on the events of previous years with the help of the President and the Executive Team. Work closely with the Executive Team in the design and planning of HRSA’s flagship event alongside the actual implementation and execution with their coordinators.

VP OF Visual Media

Determines a creative approach to new initiatives along with conceptualizing and creating designs toward achieving specific goals. With specialized knowledge of design and media techniques, the VP of Visual Media will be provided with the creative freedom to develop content as they see fit in evolving HRSA's brand, vision, and goals, while also collaborating with other departments in ensuring their design needs are met.

VP OF External Relations

Develop and maintain relationships with all of HRSA’s current and potential professionals, proactively seeking out new opportunities to form these relationships at all times. The VP of External Relations will co-run the department with the VP of Corporate Relations.

For more information, please contact vple@sfu.ca